5 Gifts For Your Flower Girl

March 21, 2017


Let’s be honest, flower girls always seem to steal the show on the big day (after the bride and groom of course). Chances are the special little lady is almost as excited for your big day as you are. She gets to wear a fancy dress, walk down the aisle, eat cake, and stay up way past her bedtime. On top of all that, she has the important job of leading you on your very special day! That’s why showing her your appreciation is so essential.

With that being said, shopping for someone who is likely a couple decades younger than you, may be a bit more difficult than expected. Which is why we’re here to help!  We have done our best to find you five of the most adorable – and affordable –  gifts for your flower girl!

1. Swan Toto Bag - Moda Operandi 
Dubbed as the most elegant bird, this gift is perfect for the elegant little miss. Does it come in our size?


2. A magazine subscription to Kazoo Magazine  
Kazoo Magazine is printed quarterly and inspires girls to be strong, independent, smart, and fierce. Give her a magazine subscription for the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!


3. Little Words Project Bracelet 

These fine-cut Swarovski bracelets aim to unite girls of all ages while inspiring kindness between each of them. With a unique story behind each bracelet, this gift is perfect for your one-of-a-kind flower girl.


4. A Sentimental Handkerchief

In aims of one day being her “something old,” this gift will remind her of the day she led someone’s way – while walking down the aisle on her own special day.


5. Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket
Pretty magical if we do say so ourself? We can promise you that this one will be put to good use - we may even order ourselves a set for the office...


And thats a wrap! Happy gift-giving to flower girls!

- Kristina

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