5 Easy Wedding DIYs To Save Money

February 04, 2019

5 Easy Wedding DIYs to Save Money | BridesMade Canada

When you're on a budget, wedding planning can get to be more stressful than fun. A great way to swiftly cut costs is to do some DIY-ing for the wedding. However, there are some things that can be great ideas for DIYs...and other things that you should probably leave to the professionals anyways. Here are some things you can safely DIY yourself, without worrying about any mishaps along the way.

Save The Dates - and even Invitations!

Unless you're a pro DIY-er, this probably means you'll have to set any ideas of gold foil or laser printing aside. But you can still design and print your Save the Dates and wedding invitations yourself and have them look absolutely stunning! Consider sending digital save-the-dates using Greenvelope or Paperless Post, and use an easy design site like Canva to create your dream wedding invitations - now, all you have to do is print!


If you're looking for extravagant floral arrangements, then leave it to a florist. But if you forgo the flowers and instead look at filling the centre of the table with candles, photographs or other meaningful and on-theme decor, you can easily DIY that! Research some unique centrepiece ideas and save money on what can often be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding!

The Playlist

A DJ or live band can take a hefty chunk out of your wedding budget, but if you know how to get a party started, you can DIY your own playlist for the night! Use Spotify or iTunes to create a magical playlist that covers everything you want to hear. Just make sure you're prepared and do plenty of planning before the big day, and have a method in place for taking song requests!

Your Mani/Pedi

An at-home mani/pedi session with your bridesmaids is not only a fun way to relax before the big day, but will also save everyone a bit of cash! Pick up some supplies at your local drug store, turn up the tunes and have a self-care night in. Looking for something special? Youtube has plenty of fun wedding nail tutorials to check out.

 Photo Backdrop

Whether you're thinking balloons, ribbons, rustic wood or glitter, there's a backdrop DIY for you! It's sure to cost you a pretty penny from a decorator, but with a fraction of the budget and a few extra hours, you can customize the perfect photo backdrop for your wedding!

Ready to get crafting?! Let us know what DIYs you're doing for your wedding in the comments below!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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