5 Bridesmaid Trends for Fall and Winter Weddings

June 23, 2018

5 Bridesmaid Trends for Fall and Winter Weddings

Fall and winter weddings are so magical. Despite being 'off-season', they are becoming more and more popular with couples seeking a unique wedding. The combination of romance and an atmosphere of coziness just can't be beat!

One thing with fall and winter weddings that brides often struggle with is finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for their bridesmaids! In a sea of pastels and florals meant for spring and summer weddings - what do you get for the fall and winter weddings?

Well, we've got you covered. Here are the top 5 bridesmaid trends for fall and winter weddings that you will love!


Deep Tones

Dressing in deep tones is the go-to for fall and winter weddings. It matches the colours of fall and adds that classy vibe to winter weddings that are otherwise a blank white canvas. Think deep purple, wine red or dark grey

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Floor Length

Not only do floor length dresses look classy and gorgeous but they are just so much more practical for fall and winter weddings! They will keep your bridesmaids looking on-point and also keep them nice and warm in those frigid temperatures!

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Adding a shawl, blanket or cloak adds warmth to those cold winter days. Adding textiles to your bridesmaid dresses instantly makes your bridal party look more classy and creates a fairytale atmosphere for the fall or winter wedding!

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Pops of Colour

If you are into bright colours, then go for it! Fall and winter weddings can sometimes risk become drab, but with some bright bridesmaid dresses it will give you those fun vibes that you are looking for. For fall think burnt orange, and for winter think teal.

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The ombre trend isn't for only spring and summer weddings anymore! Choose a deep fall colour like deep purple, forest green, or wine red and then you can find difference shades that your bridesmaids will rock! 

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And there you have it, 5 fall and winter bridesmaid trends that are sure to make an impression on your wedding guests! Which trend is your favourite?


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