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4 Wedding Experts Share Their Favourite Fall Wedding Themes

May 16, 2018

wedding experts share their favourite fall wedding themes

Fall weddings are all the rage these days, and it's no surprise considering fall weddings offer everything you could want! Gorgeous vibrant colours, cooler weather, a cozy atmosphere, and not to mention - off season pricing. 

With fall weddings come big decisions. It can be hard to pick a fall wedding theme. There are so many options that could work. That's why we asked 4 wedding experts to share their favourite fall wedding theme and other fall wedding tips for planning your wedding! Read below to find the best fall wedding themes as recommended by wedding experts!


Kendra Coons - Confetti & Co.


Kendra Coons wedding planning kichener waterloo


1. How did you get into the wedding industry and what is your role today?

     Oh gosh, my journey to the wedding industry was a long and winding one! I've known forever that I wanted to get into the events industry. I would meet "event planners" and instantly be filled with an excited envy.  There was just one small problem. I was about to graduate from The University of Waterloo with a Biomedical Science degree, and my entire resume consisted of a handful of serving and bartending jobs.

     I had planned exactly 0 events. Ever. I had no clue what I was doing.

     Ten years ago when I started researching post-grad programs, I debated the WPIC (wedding planning certification) but it was just a weekend long course and then you were done. My 22 year old brain couldn't put together the pieces of what would happen after that. I could barely keep myself adequately hydrated - starting up my own business was pretty much out of the question.

     Eventually I opted for Fundraising and Volunteer Management - a one year program at Humber that also had a mandatory internship! It was pretty much win:win. I would get to work on events, and I would get real life experience to prepare me for it! Except it didn't reeeeally pan out that way. Turns out "fundraising" is just another word for sales and they let the volunteers do all the fun "events" stuff.

     The entire time I was schlepping away at my 9-5 in the fundraising world I was longing for something more. I knew I would make the leap into weddings eventually, but how and when were another question.

     Eventually we moved back to KW from the GTA and bought a house. I took a wedding planning course and once we got our own wedding out of the way, I knew it was time to make my move!

     Today I am the Owner and Head Planner at Confetti and Co. and I could not be happier with how things turned out! It was a wild ride to get where I wanted to be, but isn’t it always?!


2. What are your personal favourite fall wedding theme(s)?

     This is a great question! Like all weddings I think the theme should be all about the couple! Regardless of whether you are getting married in the spring or fall, the details of your relationship and lives together should be the basis of all your planning!

     If we can make the assumption that you’ve chosen to have a fall wedding because you LOVE the fall make a list of all the things you love about fall and find ways to incorporate those details! Maybe you love the colours of the leaves and apple picking. Consider tying in fallen leaves to your table runner and offering apple sauce or jam as your guest favours! If you’re having a fall wedding because you love the cozy vibes that fall has to offer, pick a venue with a fireplace and set up a lounge space for our guests to enjoy!

      You can go a step further and explain all of these details on your website, menus or programs! Explain to your guests the intention behind all of the special moments and you will totally blow them away!


3. What colours should brides consider when planning a fall wedding?

     When planning ANY wedding it’s important to consider what flowers will be in season! If you are hoping to deck the halls with pink peonies then an October might not be for you!

     With that being said I love leaning towards the darker colours for fall weddings. I love anything jewel toned or red-wine-inspired, but a neutral colour palette works just as well!


4. What other tips do you have for brides having a fall wedding?

     The fall can have unpredictable weather so be sure to set aside some of your budget for “weather related” details! Things like umbrellas, blankets or fans can be a fun way to personalize your wedding but you won’t be able to plan for these details until the week of the event.

     If you’re getting married in Southern Ontario the leaves typically start to turn the weeks AFTER Thanksgiving. So if you are hoping to include the colourful leaves in your photos, stick to an end of October/early November celebration!

     Lastly, if your dresses will allow for it - wear warm socks+shoes! If you are going outside for pictures having thigh high socks can definitely help keep you warm and comfortable. Gift a pair to your girls so you can match and you’ve got yourselves warm/happy bridesmaids and a totally cute photo-op!


Ariana Smith - LoveWords Stationery & Signage


love words design kitchener

 1. How did you get into the wedding industry and what is your role today?

     I have always been obsessed with weddings, but for some reason, I had never thought about working in the industry. In 2011, I moved to Waterloo from a small town past London with absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do with my life.

     The next year I was researching programs to take so I could finally go back to school, and stumbled across the Wedding Planning Certification course through the WPIC being put on in a few short weeks in Waterloo, and on a whim, I decided to go. I learned SO much from this course, and had an incredible time doing it! After that, I enrolled at Conestoga College with the intention of taking the Event Management post-grad program. I decided I wanted to do my co-op term at Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener, and the rest is history!

     I advanced at Hacienda quickly over the past four years, working through nearly every role they had to offer. Today, I am working as a wedding planner at Hacienda Sarria, and I am so in love with this industry. I spend my days planning the most important day of my couples' lives at this incredibly beautiful venue. In my spare time, I also own a business called LoveWords Stationery & Design, where I create beautiful handmade stationery and signage.


2. What are your personal favourite fall wedding theme(s)?

     I love the woodland theme for an autumn wedding! Lots of wood accents, faux furs, flannel, and of course, adorable woodland creatures. Fake antlers in and amongst the greenery and flowers can be such a cute touch! There are so many textures to play around with, I love it.


3. What colours should brides consider when planning a fall wedding?

      I really think mustard is the most underrated colour! It can be so classy, and looks so beautiful paired with a deep wine and rich navy.


4. What other tips do you have for brides having a fall wedding?

     Fall is a great time of year to really embrace the season! Get started with seasonally appropriate stationery (yes, even though you might be sending your invites out in June!), choose fall-themed passed appetizer or meal selections, have a pie bar, or a hot chocolate/cider station! A few practical tips:

  • Keep in mind the sun sets earlier this time of year! Let your planner know if sunset photos are important to you so you don't miss out.
  • Fall is becoming more and more the hot season for weddings, so book your vendors early on! This way you won't have to sacrifice a vendor you had your heart set on because they're already booked for your date.
  • While the fall leaves outside are stunning, be prepared for your backup weather ceremony to happen. Try not to be too against moving your ceremony indoors! Fall weather is unpredictable, and even though it may not be raining, the cold and heavy winds are also not something you want to be dealing with during your ceremony!


Rebecca Gondosch - Servers With A Smile


Servers with a smile kitchener waterloo


1. How did you get into the wedding industry and what is your role today? 

      I worked as a Catering Sales Events Corporate Manager in a hotel in Toronto, I wanted to become my own boss and work in the city I live in. My role today is I am the owner of Servers With A Smile.


2. What is/are your personal favourite fall wedding theme(s)?

- Elegant

- Glamorous

- Industrial


3. What colours should brides consider when planning a fall wedding?

     Every bride is different, yes there is always a trend however I always stress it is up to the couple and what colours they like.


4. What other tips do you have for brides having a fall wedding?

      Think about weather, as it is very unpredictable think of what your vision will be.  If you decided to have a ceremony outside always have a Plan B option.

Matthew Pitts - Natural Heart Photography

Websitephotography waterloo


1. How did you get into the wedding industry and what is your role today? 

      Being a portrait photographer tends to open avenues into many areas in which people want to capture/remember moments of their life. When it comes to weddings, people want those images that will allow them to look back on their special day.  As a photographer it is such a rewarding feeling to be a part of someone's moment, experiencing the amount of love they have for each other just makes those images that much more special.


2. What is/are your personal favourite fall wedding theme(s)?

     When it comes to shooting a wedding, the idea of a fall wedding is always a favourite of mine; especially as it is my most loved season.  When it comes to the themes I really enjoy the idea of using the beauty that is occurring in nature during this season, including the colours of the fallen leaves, possibly apples and pumpkins, straw and hay bales all add to a very "homely" feel that brings family togethers.  This time of year also very much allows for the outdoor weddings which helps embrace that beauty all around you.


3. What colours should brides consider when planning a fall wedding?

     When it comes to choosing colours for a fall wedding, the obvious choices are always the oranges, yellows, reds, however, I would also say going for purples or golds really stands out against the backdrop of the season.  The biggest thing would be to stay away from more pastels or soft colours, especially if your photos will be taken outdoors. As the vibrancy of the oranges, reds, browns and yellows will make the pale colours fade out.


4. What other tips do you have for brides having a fall wedding?

      The biggest tip I would have for brides having a fall wedding is embrace the season, look to ensure you are having your images done outside, play with the fact that the sun will be setting earlier than during the summer and use the beauty of the start of sunset to add to your images.  Finally, bring the colours of the season into the day and theme, it is a season that brings a very natural beauty and should be embraced in your wedding day. 


And there you have it, 4 wedding experts' favourite fall wedding themes! What's your favourite fall wedding theme?

Happy Planning!


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