12 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book It

November 24, 2018

12 Questions you Need To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will set the tone for your whole wedding. It is will house all the other elements that you have planned! Make sure you know all the details. Be sure to ask you wedding venue these questions before you book!

1. What is the venue's capacity?

2. What are the terms of payment? Do you have financing options? 

3. Do they offer catering, or do you have to hire a caterer separately?

Wedding food spread

4. Will there be other weddings happening there on the same day?

5. Do they have accommodations?

6. Do they provide staff?

wedding waiter

7. Are children allowed?

8. How much parking do they have?

9. Do they provide any tables or chairs?

wedding venue with tables and chairs

10. Who will be coordinating on the day of?

11. Can you get in early to set up? How early?

12. How long do you have to take everything down afterwards?


Asking these 12 questions will ensure that you know exactly what you're getting yourself into with your wedding venue!

Happy Planning!



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